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Tesia L. said

"I came from out of state and had my uniform for a wedding dry cleaned in a day! They were very nice, professional and accommodating. When I come back and need to get my stuff dry cleaned, I'll definitely come here."

Steve S. said 

"Outstanding staff, courteous, professional and awesome customer service. Their alteration work is the best I have had, awesome work on all of my clothing. It takes a certain level of trust to have your clothing fixed by someone, especially with how much you have to pay for clothing these days. Sun Cleaners is someone you can trust to do it right. Their prices are beyond fair, especially when you see how great of a job they do."

Anthony D. said

"Absolutely the best around. Fair prices, excellent service! They do a great job and bend over backwards to accommodate the customer. I’ve had very expensive items cleaned with them and they have NEVER ruined a single one. Highly recommend."

J Jung. said

"I've been using Sun Cleaners for many years. The service is great. They're always willing to do what it takes to please the customer."

Brian R. said

"Suits always come out nice and I've also had some pants length and waist adjusted with no problems."

Hillary D. said

"I have trusted this cleaner to dry clean my Canada Goose coat among other higher-end items. In regards to stains, I take care to mention any stains when dropping off my items, and all have been removed without issue. I appreciate that my clothes don't come back smelling like chemicals, and the turnaround time is always quick.  Note: it's a little difficult to find tucked towards the back of Price Chopper, but brand new building and facilities are a plus."

Paul B. said

"I have used Sun Cleaners for the last 5 years, and always got great service and quality cleaning. The cleaners just changed hands with the long time manager Mike, with over 20 years experience, buying it and moving it to new space in the current Price Chopper mall at 146 and Vischer's Ferry. Mike got all new "green" dry cleaning equipment. Congratulations to Sun Cleaners and their customers who will benefit from a new facility."

Dan C. said

"The staff is very professional. Whenever people came in, he knew them by name. Very trusted cleaner.
Also they helped my family out when they were in a bind. They did tailor work for us in only one days notice. It came out very well.
We are very lucky to have Sun as our neighborhood cleaners, because they are so professional and friendly!"

Steve S. said

"Amazing job, friendly staff, great price!"

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Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 5.17.19 PM.png
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